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We help you feel whole

Supporting families through every stage of parenthood

Specializing in prenatal & postpartum therapy for individuals, couples, families & groups in Waterloo and surrounding areas

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In-Person & Virtual Sessions

In-person therapy in Waterloo and virtual therapy across Ontario

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Daytime, Evenings, & Weekend Appointments

Offering therapy appointments at times convenient for you and your family

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Certified Perinatal Therapists

We have therapists specializing in perinatal mental health

At whole family psychotherapy, we often hear the words

”I don’t feel like myself”

Whether you are struggling with fertility issues, anxiety, a traumatic birth, or postpartum challenges – the journey to parenthood can leave you wondering – is this what it’s supposed to be like?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused or unsteady, we are here to help you get the support you need along the way.

You don’t have to go through this alone

1 in 5 moms and 1 in 10 dads are diagnosed with postpartum depression or anxiety, and many more go undiagnosed
  • 1 in 5 moms and 1 in 10 dads are diagnosed with postpartum depression or anxiety, and many more go undiagnosed

Therapy For Parents

Our Therapy Services

We specialize in working with individuals & couples who are pregnant, trying to conceive, postpartum, or raising children, as well as children & teens.

Counselling In Waterloo & Surrounding Areas

Areas Of Focus

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Fertility Challenges

Support for the hardship & grief of trying to conceive

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Birth Trauma

Dealing with a hard or disappointing birth experience

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Pregnancy Loss

Support in navigating your grief

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Pre-Baby Anxiety

When your worries start to take over

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Pre-Baby Depression

Navigating low mood and negative feelings in pregnancy

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Postpartum Anxiety

When you feel overwhelmed with worry and the need to get things right

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Postpartum Depression

Help with feeling numb, disconnected, angry, or hopeless

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Post-Baby Rage

Help with unexpected anger and frustration postpartum

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Relationship Stress

Support in dealing with tension, resentment or disconnection

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Parenting Stress

When you feel out of your depth, confused or overwhelmed

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Infant & Child Mental Health

Concerns about your child's mental health and childhood wounds

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Identity Transitions

Support to reconnect with yourself and your desires

Learn more about how Whole Family Psychotherapy can support you.

About Us

Why Whole Family Psychotherapy?

We believe there’s never been a harder time for parents. Collectively, we are over-informed and under-supported.

The increasing pressure to keep up, do-it-all and do it right, can feel overwhelming. The crushing pressure to meet unattainable parenting standards, nurture relationships, balance the mental and physical loads of caring for children, families and homes while maintaining the façade of perfection seems unrealistic and unhealthy.

So much of what we all need as humans, especially right now, is to be truly seen, heard and held. When you work with our team, we hold space for you in order to explore the roots of what is going on, learn the tools to help you cope with life’s challenges, and dare I say, start finding JOY in your life! Our team of specialized therapists have extensive training and certification in perinatal mental health care, and we are parents ourselves – so you can be sure you will receive the very best care from someone who truly understands.

The journey won’t necessarily be perfect, but having consistent support – can change everything.

We help you feel whole.

Christina Page, Founder, Perinatal Therapist, Registered Social Worker at Whole Family Psychotherapy in Waterloo Ontario

Christina Page

Founder & Clinical Director
Perinatal Therapist

Meet Our Team

Our counselling team provides in-person therapy in Waterloo and virtual therapy across Ontario. Browse our team profiles below.

Christina Page, Founder, Perinatal Therapist, Registered Social Worker at Whole Family Psychotherapy in Waterloo Ontario

Christina Page

Founder & Clinical Director
Registered Social Worker

Natalie Webber, Registered Social Worker, Perinatal Therapist at Whole Family Psychotherapy in Waterloo Ontario

Natalie Webber

Registered Social Worker

Wendy Gage, Registered Social Worker at Whole Family Psychotherapy in Waterloo Ontario

Wendy Gage

Registered Social Worker

Matthew Gooch, Registered Social Worker at Whole Family Psychotherapy in Waterloo Ontario

Matthew Gooch

Registered Social Worker

Britni Chambers, Perinatal Therapist, Social Worker, at Whole Family Psychotherapy in Waterloo

Britni Chambers

Registered Social Worker

Mandy O’brecht, Social Work Intern, Supervised Perinatal Therapist, at Whole Family Psychotherapy in Waterloo

Mandy O'brecht

Social Work Intern

Our Approach

How Our Therapy Works

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We hear your story

We start by creating a connection that allows you to talk about your experiences in a place that is safe, comforting and free from judgement.
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We Develop A Plan

We look at the big picture and come to a mutual understanding of what is contributing to your pain. We create a customized & flexible treatment plan to address your pain points.
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We Support You

We walk alongside you as you unpack what feels hard, test out new ways of thinking, new behaviours and skills, and reconnect your desires.

Begin to notice the beautiful parts on your path to living more fully.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Whole Family Psychotherapy team offers services during the week and on weekends, with both daytime and evening availability. Each therapist has a unique schedule and availability which is visible on our online booking portal. You are welcome to contact us at hello@wholefamilypsychotherapy.com if you’d like assistance being matched with a therapist whose schedule can meet your needs.

Our session fee ranges from $155-$175 per hour based on the experience of the therapist you are seeing. All of our therapists have Master’s level education in either Social Work, Psychotherapy or Counselling. The session fee will be discussed with you during your free consult, and you can also see each therapist’s session fee outlined in our online booking portal under “our team”. We require you to add a valid credit card to your client profile prior to your first paid session, so we don’t eat up your time with this during your initial session. Upon completion of each session, we will charge the card on file and email you a receipt.

Most extended healthcare benefit plans cover our services. Our therapists are Registered Social Workers, Registered Psychotherapists and Master’s level Counsellors. You should check with your plan to see which mental health services you have coverage for, and we’ll make sure to set you up with a therapist that you are covered for. At this time we do not offer direct billing to insurance; we provide a receipt for services after payment is collected, and you would need to submit the receipt to your provider and make the claim yourself.

The length of treatment varies from one person to another and will depend on your goals and history. In your first sessions, you and your therapist will begin these discussions and have an idea of what the treatment length may be. Research suggests that the majority of individuals will remain in therapy for approximately 12-20 sessions to achieve their goals. Some may need less sessions, especially if the therapy is for a specific shorter-term problem, while others may need more sessions if they have complex and ongoing challenges or are looking to understand and make changes to life-long patterns.

No! You can always self-refer for therapy, but if you are planning to use insurance benefits to cover the expense, it’s always a good idea to make sure your insurance provider doesn’t have any requirements around this.

Yes! Of course. We get it, the fit is everything, and we want you to feel sure that you’re working with the right person. We offer free 15 minute virtual consultations, where you can share a bit about what is going on for you, hear from the therapist how they could help, and see how it all sits with you.

Click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our therapists.

Many people feel a bit nervous for their first session, so it’s nice to understand what to expect. While each therapist will be a little different in how they structure a first appointment, you can expect a low pressure dialogue around what’s going on for you. Your therapist wants to get to know you, and will likely have some questions to help them understand the whole picture. There is no rush either, this process of getting to know one another unfolds over many sessions; you are allowed to share parts of yourself at a pace that feels comfortable.

Our services are primarily virtual, which means you get to join the session from the comfort of your own home or really in any private space! Parents are SO busy, and we know that when you are able to carve out some time for yourself, the last thing you want to do is waste any of that time on a drive to and from therapy. We also recognize that many parents, especially of babies and young children, have full hands, and may not have childcare to get to an appointment, and so being home, where they can be feeding the baby, sneaking in a session during a nap, or monitoring dinner cooking on the stove, is a big plus. Perinatal Therapist and Founder Christina Page does offer limited in-person services in Waterloo Ontario for individuals living in Waterloo, Kitchener, and surrounding areas. There is a a waitlist for in-person sessions.. If you’d like to be added to this waitlist, please email us at hello@wholefamilypsychotherapy.com.

Yes! There has been a lot of research completed on virtual therapy, especially as we saw the rapid rise in virtual therapy options during the pandemic. The research is clear that virtual therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy, and that client satisfaction rates are also just as positive with virtual as they are in-person. If you are a person who longs for in-person therapy, we see you – we know virtual therapy doesn’t appeal to everyone – but we challenge you to try it out, because we have seen time and time again how folks open to the idea of virtual therapy once they experience it for themselves!

Your appointment time is reserved just for you. A late cancellation or missed visit leaves a hole in the therapists’ day that could have been filled by another patient waiting for services. As such, we require 24 business hours notice for any cancellations or changes to your appointment. Patients who provide less than 24 hours notice, or miss their appointment without notice, will be charged the full session fee to the card on file.

How To Get Started

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